Supaplex (1250 yeni bölümüyle karşınızdaaaa)

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    To play, run the executable spfix63.exe that you can find in the folder where you unzipped supaplex.
    Note for Windows 95/98/NT users: Although it is recommended that you run Supaplex in a plain DOS environment (not a DOS-box), you can run it under Windows. You should expect a lesser performance and some occasional flashes while playing. It may still be preferred though, if your knowledge of DOS is limited. You can make a shortcut to the game on your desktop like this:
    Right click the mouse on an empty spot on your desktop.
    Select the option "new" from the popup menu.
    Choose option "shortcut" from the sub-menu.
    Answer the questions Windows asks you:
    For the "command line", browse to the executable "spfix62.exe".
    Choose a name for the shortcut as you wish ("Supaplex" would be simple and effective.)
    For the icon, you can choose the default MS-DOS icon, to remind you that Supaplex is actually a DOS program. You can also choose an icon of your choice, or download some special Supaplex icons for it from the software page.
    Now RIGHT click on the shortcut you just created, and choose "properties" from the popup menu.
    Click on the "screen" tab, and click on the "Full screen" option in the "Usage" group.
    Click on the "misc" tab, turn OFF "Allow screen saver", and turn ON "Always Suspend".
    If you want, you can also turn on the "Close on exit" option from the "Program" tab, but remember that if you do that, you won't be able to see any error messages from the game when it exits!
    Please note that you should NEVER switch tasks when you are playing Supaplex. It does some "tricky things" to the computer, and if you do switch tasks, your system might very well hang. If you want to switch tasks safely, FIRST exit the game, THEN switch to another task.
    Now click on the OK button at the bottom, and your shortcut is ready to be used. Enjoy the game!

    Total number of new levels (not including originals and other levelsets!) is now well over 1000!!!

    The next (small) list contains special levelsets (changed levels, unverified levels, converted levels).
    New levelset #92 111 levels, last updated 3 Mar 2003)
    New levelset #93 Note that levels 6 and 10 can not be solved (as far as we know) and level 28 might be especially tricky. (30 levels, last updated 6 Aug 2001)
    New levelset #94 (111 levels, last updated 8 Mar 2001)
    Original levels more difficult This levelset is a special one, by Kim Min-soo. It contains all original levels, but they are modified slightly to make them more difficult. If you thought the original levels were hard, try these (also a nice challenge if you thought the originals were too easy :-). (111 levels, last updated 7 May 1999)

    Converted levels
    This levelset contains all original Supaplex levels, but with a small change: They are totally backwards! The levels can all be solved, but will sometimes be a lot harder than the originals. Enjoy! Last updated 26 Nov 1998. (filenames changed)
    This levelset (orignal levels from Boulderdash-type game Mr. Matt) was modified so that all levels can be solved in Supaplex now. Last updated 8 Dec 1997.
    These are the original Boulderdash levels, ported to Supaplex. Some unsolvable levels have been adapted to be solvable, so all levels can now be solved in Supaplex. Last updated 18 feb 1998.
    levelset 99: Software page
    This levelset (99) can be found in the package containing SupaShow (by Herman Perk). You can find it on the software page. This is the complete set of (oversized) levels of the MacIntosh game Infotron. Not all levels can be solved! All Supaplex-playable levels of this set are also part of levelset 01. Last updated 24 Mar 1997 (but this link added 18 Jul 1997).

    Supaplex LEVEL EDITOR

    You can make your own levels....


    This is the original game song...

    The Supaplex Song available in S3M format. Download it to get thoses memories back
    Also includes mp3 file

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Supaplex (1250 yeni bölümüyle karşınızdaaaa)